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A Paid Media Insurance Policy: Why Website Health Monitoring is Critical for Digital Agencies

Digital Marketing KPIs, ROI and Downtime

Over half of global ad spend in 2020 is anticipated to be spent on digital advertising. This impressive statistic from AdAge’s Marketing Fact Pack 2020 is great news for digital agencies. However, as demand increases, so will competition. Avoiding ad errors, whether they be Facebook ad errors, PPC mistakes, or any other digital advertising snafus, is the bare minimum required to compete. But even brilliant campaigns designed to fire on all the right marketing cylinders will not be enough to retain hard-won contracts. Digital marketing efforts will have to consistently hit their key performance indicators (KPI’s) and deliver real return on investment (ROI). No excuses allowed period.

King among campaign KPIs is cost per acquisition (CPA). One thing sure to inflate CPA and drain value from paid media spend is website downtime. Statista reported in March of 2020 that 25% of global respondents to their survey reported average downtime costs as ranging between 301-400K USD an hour! Unfortunately, downtime is unavoidable, as can be understood by noting some of its most common causes.

Top Ten Causes of Website Downtime

  1. Scheduled maintenance
  2. Server overloads
  3. Security threats
  4. Hardware issues
  5. Software issues
  6. Human error
  7. DNS issues
  8. CMS issues
  9. Power outages
  10. Natural disasters

What is Paid Media Insurance

So how can a digital agency mitigate the risk of paid media spend being sucked into the black hole of downtime? By purchasing a paid media insurance policy, or rather employing a website monitoring tool. Using an automated website monitoring tool to track all of the pages critical to campaign success on clients’ sites, empowers agencies to pause campaigns and switch off paid media components promptly when something goes awry. Not only stopping the flow of paid media spend down the drain, but reducing the risk of client-side site malfunctions derailing your agency’s paid media strategy.

The Benefits of Insuring Paid Media

With the right monitoring service, marketers can receive clear alerts the moment something goes wrong. When a page doesn’t load, a form fails to submit, or the site crashes altogether, you’ll get notified. Having this kind of specific, actionable insight into technical issues helps agencies flag ROI undermining issues to clients, for fixing. Ultimately, allowing agencies to protect their campaigns, while also offering their clients a value-added, bonus service that will both improve ROI and build trust in the relationship.    

Website Health Monitoring Tools for Digital Agencies

There are many good website monitoring services on the market. When selecting a provider, the two most important factors to consider are what needs to be monitored and who will be using the tool. As a monitoring solution developed by marketers for marketers, PageChecker is a dependable choice for agencies. PageChecker’s easy to use, non-technical platform, not only focuses on the specific monitoring interests of marketers but delivers alerts in easy to understand, actionable language. This sets PageChecker apart from most website health monitoring services on the market.

To learn more about how PageChecker can meet the site monitoring needs of your agency, contact us on