The world's easiest web monitoring service.

PageChecker provides an easy way to monitor the pages that matter most on your website.

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Simple, yet powerful features

How does PageChecker work?

Start monitoring web pages that matter to you and your business in just three steps. You’ll be ready to go in less than five minutes.

PageChecker keeps your pages error-free, so you can increase sales

All-in-one Checking Tool

PageChecker delivers an easy-to-use, all-encompassing tool for you to continuously vet and verify that all pages of your site are working properly. Keep the downtime to a minimum while you maximize your site’s ability for conversions.

Monitor any downtime of your website

Maintain constant and reliable monitoring of your website, wherever you are. With instant notifications, page issue management and uptime statistics monitoring on the go, PageChecker keeps your site monitoring easy every time.

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Email, SMS & WhatsApp Notifications
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Status & Incident Reporting
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Easy Page Performance Monitoring

Check on your page texts – automatically

PageChecker’s text checking tool helps ensure that your web pages keep their essential keywords. Additionally, it’s a handy function that also alerts you when your pages have been redirected by mistake, or if they’ve been hacked.

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Monitor essential keywords on your pages
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Be alerted in the event of page hacks
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Know when your pages are wrongly redirected 

Automatically disable ads whenever there are issues on your website

There’s no sense in continuing your ad campaigns if they bring your users to pages that don’t work. With PageChecker, you’ll not only know when a page presents with errors, but also have an automatic way to ensure your ads pause when these issues are discovered.

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Get notified when page incidents are detected
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AdPauser pauses your Facebook or Google ads
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You don’t have to keep paying for campaigns until the issues are resolved

Our Packages

All our plans provide full access to PageChecker’s complete suite of features. However, each is tailored according to the size of your organization, and volume of web pages you would like monitored.

Designed for all use cases

Whether for your very first website, or for the company you work for – PageChecker aims to deliver a seamless, online, and all-inclusive website monitoring service that will suit your needs precisely.

Business Owners

Whether you run a startup, SMB or e-commerce company, PageChecker will help you to monitor your website without having to master analytics software.


Do you maintain a website as part of a marketing, web, or design agency? Save on project time and cost by using PageChecker to monitor your client’s websites.

In-House Marketers

Regardless of your role as a marketer, designer, product manager, or developer, PageChecker keeps website monitoring easy, every time.